“The Bitch Is Back!”

Joe with Joan July 2014
Joe with Joan July 2014

Joe Posa, actor, and female celebrity impersonator, joins forces with Fashion Police Executive Producer and Joan Rivers’ former comedy writer, Tony Tripoli for a 90 minute tribute show. “The Bitch is Back!” The show begins with Tony Tripoli sharing some hilarious memories of working with and for Ms. Rivers, then Mr. Tripoli passes the baton to Joe Posa, Joan’s favorite impersonator, who brilliantly recreates the comic legends, look, mannerism’s and comic energy.  Complete with two original video’s, this show continues to amaze and entertain audiences all over the U.S. and abroad.


Joe Posa as Joan Rivers Promo Video


My promo for my Joan Rivers tribute show “The Bitch is Back!” with Tony Tripoli

Posted by Joe Posa as Joan Rivers on Friday, September 16, 2016

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